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Future Strangers is the new project from Matt Connelly, formerly making music under the moniker Retro Culture. After taking a 2 year hiatus from music to pursue a uni degree and help start a label with long time manager, the project came to be after writing a series of songs that felt like the beginning of a new chapter. It was a clear shift in sound for the artist, moving away from the 80’s inspired Synthwave that RC was known for, as he returned to his guitar roots. The sound at times is reminiscent of the pop punk he grew up on (Blink 182, Green Day) blurred with electronic and modern production, bringing the sound forward in time, falling somewhere between The 1975 and DMA’s.There is a new found maturity to the song-writing which Matt puts down to “getting older and doing some growing up” and “just going through the ups and downs that life throws us all. I wanted to make a record about things that I really cared about. Maybe it’s naive of me, but I am hoping that in some way I can encourage others through hard times and also to stand up for what they believe in” he says about the new music.


The name Future Strangers comes from one of the songs written for the project, born out of the idea that ‘someone you know intimately can become a complete stranger’. A daunting yet fascinating notion. The project is eclectic in sound, ranging from ‘Millennials’ which would be a good one for the mosh pit, to the intimate fragileness of ‘Changes’ a track that details what it’s like to grow up and let go of your dreams and past relationships. 2020 is set to be an active year with the hiatus officially over.

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