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Modern Opera - hailing from Tasmania via Melbourne - are an endlessly ambitious alternative quintet setting out to carve a new lane in the Australian music scene. 


Lifelong friends all from the same suburb in the outskirts of Hobart; they have formed themselves into a complete creative collective, in total control of every aspect of their vision from music production to visual art and concept design. 


Having spent years working together in performance from guitar bands to music theatre and classical music, they have played stages ranging from the oldest theatre’s in the country, premier venues like to The Corner, to Falls Festival and Party in The Paddock.


Going on hiatus at the beginning of 2019 to reform, the solidified lineup of Modern Opera formed with the aim of limitless self-driven creativity and eclectic, borderless pop - all centred around honest songwriting and stories. Already building a reputation as a formidable live act, Modern Opera are ones to watch in the new breed of Australian music.

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