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Her music is raw, unique, genuine and heavily shaped by strong personal experience.

Her words flow with relentless speed and sharp lyricism, floating across futuristic bass-heavy beats and rippling hi-hats.
She writes from the heart and speaks her mind, expressing her perspectives confidently via spoken word and hip-hop.

Adding a dark and powerful element to her music while highlighting her ability to bring word play and impeccable speech together. This Queens music is highly danceable while maintaining it’s authentic underground sound and feel.

Stepping on the scene august of 2017, this young and vibrant rapper has been rapidly gaining attention and making a name for herself.
Among her many musical talents, Queen P aka P-Unique, has also starred as an actress on various Australian Television Series.


Her capacity to go from one role to another is flawless, and perfectly displays her ability to be successful in any role.



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