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Rach Brennan & The Pines come together to capture the spirit of learning to be alive.

From the Surf Coast and Geelong, this unique outfit channels Rachael Brennan’s experience of rapture and heartbreak expressed through her music. Embracing the honest as well as the dramatic, RB&TP continue to evolve and subvert the narrative of their roots pop origins.

Formed out of family and close friendships, Brennan assembled the line-up for the Pines in 2017. It was with this group that she recorded singles ‘Weapon of Love’ (#4 iTunes Singer Songwriter charts), ‘I Wanna See You’ (#2 on the AMRAP regional charts), ‘Underground’ and ‘Hindsight’. The releases were teasers for their debut LP released in March 2019: “Here’s to Better Times and Seeing Better Places”, a collection of fizzy, shameless and unembarrassed songs about the growing pains that come along with adulthood.

The singles found success on community radio across Australia including Triple J and Unearthed with Dave Ruby Howe declaring Underground as “Another strong offering from this band. It'll put some wind in your sail”. RB&TP spent the better half of 2019 touring the record up and down the East Coast of Australia and supporting some of their favourite bands including The Teskey Brothers and Pierce Brothers.

Their new single ‘Sirens’ is a departure from their sunny-side up debut. The decidedly darker release is Brennan’s response to working with young women and witnessing empowerment and dominance being met with dismissal and fear. “As young girls we are raised to be apologetic and modest: be assertive, but only if it doesn’t upset anyone else, be confident but not conceited, be ambitious but don’t try too hard. ‘Sirens’ is my little protest to this narrative”.

The new single, recorded and produced in their home studio by guitarist Levi Anderson was met with praise by Triple J’s Declan Byrne: “Rach totally swept me up with this one, I was flying!”. 

“Sirens was born in a dark, cold warehouse, amps dimed. I brought the bones of the song to the band and spent the whole session feeling like I was underwater. Even now, singing the lyrics I feel like I’m gasping for air. I’m a libra, we don’t usually write songs like this”

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