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The Little Stevies have existed as a band for many years and have taken on many incarnations. They started in 2005 as a trio, they were a quartet for many years, and their live show currently switches between a trio or a 5-piece. But the steadfast sisters
have always been the heart and soul and they continue to perform and make music as The Little Stevies.

Their live show is well known around the Australian festival circuit for their unpredictable and often hilarious between-song banter, as well as the sisters’ uncanny knack of captivating an audience by being delightfully and unapologetically themselves. There's something alluring in the authenticity of their story telling of everyday life and
touring adventures, which they're only too willing to share. With a deep, full & warmly polished sound, sweet layered harmonies, irresistible melodies, the sisters; music tends to leave a lasting impression.
I challenge you to not to be glowing after seeing them play.

Over the years The Little Stevies have toured Australia, New Zealand, and the US extensively, as well as doing the famous trek across the Canadian Folk Festival circuit back in 2011.
They have five releases thus far; three full-length studio albums; Diamonds for Your Tea (2013), Attention Shoppers (2011) and Love Your Band (2009), an EP titled Grow Up (2006) and 2013′s live album ‘Most Requested 2009-2012’.

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